About Us

A Nigerian and US registered media organization is SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS since the year 2017. An Incorporated business entity she is in North America, and a Limited Liability Company is SGDC in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS came into existence as one organization whose primary goal is to serve as a reputable global media channel to trust with the activities of disseminating useful information that helps make people and the world a better place.

As a parent company to other different media entities such as GREAT DREAMS RADIO and GDStudioz being her subsidiaries respectively, SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS is poised to achieve her primary goal progressively through the use of creative and innovative media tools to attaining the SGDC’s set targets.

The founder and CEO of project SGDC [Sulaimon Salam Bamidele] may have lost eyesight at a very tender age, but not his VISION towards the best TGSSB can ever be in life regardless of any inevitable and circumstantial events of life.

THE GREAT SSB had consistently been in the profession of Broadcast Journalism since August 2006. Having worked both on Television and Radio in Nigeria and the United States respectively, he had owned and run a news magazine company as the publisher, discovered, nurtured and mentored quite a number of young and Great Broadcast Journalism Talents till date.

The media activities of SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS is strategically structured all around making SOMETHING GREAT FROM EVERY NOTHING GOOD and it’s without limitations to exclusive broadcast journalism, marketing and promotions, advertising and entertainment contents.


1. Serving as trusted global media brand providing useful information to the people.
2. Appreciating the cultural values and heritage of the people and communities on a global view, through creatively crafted marketing, educating and entertaining contents.


1. To protect and encourage the genuine interest of young talented and gifted media practitioners for the future.
2. Safeguarding interest and integrity of the global media practices in favor of the local community.