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Thank you so kindly for your interest and consideration to share your gift, talents, expertise and time with SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS through internship, volunteering, contract, full-time or part-time services.

At SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS, we understand that career/employment is not just about the payable financial values offered for every service rendered. Rather, it’s more about the individual commitments and every collective contribution to our company.

Hence, it’s our tradition to fully respect and place premium values upon the services of team SGDC who at different capacities votes their rare resources towards the growth, progress and the development of SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS.

GREAT DREAMS RADIO and GDStudioz are subsidiary entities under the umbrella body of SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS through which you may apply to any of the opened positions as advertised respectively.

Be sure to checking right back regularly for new openings and career updates. Please click any of the links below to apply for the choice position as advertised.


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