Our Team

The entire Teammates at SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS are consciously made up of vibrant and focused minded individuals. They are by definition great goal oriented folks, discipline and poised to breaking barriers and making SOMETHING GREAT FROM EVERY NOTHING GOOD.
The SGDC team is mainly and tentatively made up of Youths naturally fortified with strong determination towards making the required all-round positive changes to the world.
By the standard of its committed great works, TEAM SGDC ensures no less of the best deserving of a better tomorrow is prioritized in its dedicated activities, and it’s either through self-motivated and creative initiatives. All targeted at making the world a better place.
The collaborating Teammates alongside our humble Team head at SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS believes that it certainly takes a Good Team to actualize every desired individual or organizational GREAT DREAMS, especially within the enabling environment for all to thrive freely on no excuse to succeed without limitations.
TEAM SGDC’…..…..ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GREAT DREAMS. We are such a blessed support system to one another all-round without discrimination, because it is all One Humanity & One Universe with equal opportunities.
To meet SGDC Teammates in person, please click on the individually tagged names/links below, read about us, and you are most welcome to our world.
Team head Sulaimon Salam Bamidele
Teammate Oloruntoyin Ademola
Teammate Oluwatomisin Adeyefa.
Teammate Joy Akinlolu
Teammate Mary Shobowale
Teammate Afolakemi Bakare
Teammate Maryam Towolawi
Teammate Gbolahan Otun
Teammate Magret MG
Teammate Angela Prat
Teammate Ayoola Adebobola